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the size of government, and governor romney wants to shrink government and bring things back to the private sector. we sort of are modeling in our office that either candidate to win would be not have big effect short-term in the market place, but more of a long-term economic situation that would take place. in making government bigger with president obama, versus shrinking government with romney. >> >> you say long-term, so the day after the election or day after inauguration day, we're not likely to feel a direct impact on our personal finances? >> no. we don't think the markets will have much volatility about that. it's more of a long-term outlook down the road. short-term, we have the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling debate, and what's going on over in europe that's going to present volatility. we're optimistic, because businesses and wall street needs clarity and direction and for some time it's been an environment of uncertainty. it's why you've seen stagnant in the employment numbers. gdp at 1.3%. the fed is keeping the interest rates very low now in order to make sure there's a backdr
communism, speaking out against government was forbidden, so graffiti was a form of political protest. when john lennon was killed in 1980, young people again turned to graffiti. to them, lennon stood for peace and artistic freedom. writing on the wall helped them express their sadness over his death as well as their own yearning to be free. although the authorities tried to stop the graffiti, they couldn't. >> under communism, they'd paint it every night to squash the protesting, and it would be interesting because they would continue to come back every day and still write. >> now the czech republic is a free country. people can say and write what they want. the lennon wall has become a popular place where everyone, including reporters from "teen kids news," is welcome to leave their mark. >> you can't kind of step back and take a picture of the whole thing. it's better to just slowly look at it and look at each little detail, 'cause there's just so many different things and sometimes you can miss some things. >> china has the great wall. jerusalem has the wailing wall. prague has the lenn
that government taking 20% of a family in business's income is enough. obama thinks the government ought to be able to take as much as 44.8% of its small-business's income. if you passed every person and every successful business making over $250,000 at one had a%, it would run the government for 98 days. you see, there are not enough small businesses and rich people to tax to pay for their spending. the next time you hear them say do not worry about it, we will get a few wealthy people to pay their fair share, watch out, middle-class. the tax bill is coming to you. that is why we're saying we need fundamental tax reform. let's look at it this way. eight out of 10 businesses, they file their taxes as individuals, not as corporations. where i come from, the canadiens dropped their tax rates to 15%. the average tax is 25% and the president wants the top effective tax rate on successful small businesses to go above 40%. two-thirds of our jobs come from small businesses. this one tax would actually tax 53% of small business and come. it is expected to cost 710,000 jobs. it does not pay for 1
who have become dependent on government. >> i'had it up to here with the notion 47% -- it's about time they take responsibility here. >> i think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. >> reporter: while republicans by and large gave the win to ryan, president obama made an unusual late night statement as he returned to the white house after campaigning in florida. >> i thought joe biden did great, and i couldn't be prouder of him. >> the white house really trying to play this up, even releasing a photograph of the president watching the debate last night on air force one. he and mitt romney are preparing for their final set of debates. they have two more. next one is tuesday, allison. we really have seen these debates play a very pivotal roll. romney got a bump after the last one. >> thank you. >>> a forr bus driver convicted of intentionally driving into a building is expected to learn her fate today. 41-year-old teresa douglas drove her bus through the employee line at the bus lot last december. prosecutors say she post
was drawn up in the '50s named project 1794. the government contracted a canadian company to build a craft which would take off and land vertically and fly at mach4 speeds at altitudes of 300 feet. it would have cost $3 million. >>> more fallout from last month's terror attack in libya. top state department officials on capitol hill today are trying to defend the obama administration's handling of the attack on the american consulate, killed a u.s. ambassador and three other americans. fox's catherine herridge has that story. >> there was no protest and cameras reveal that and the state department, the fbi and others have that video. >> reporter: the top state department official who testified before the house government oversight committee confirmed that he told lawmakers a day after this attack on the benghazi consulate he believed it was terrorism. >> i also believed that it was because of the nature of it and the fallity of it that it was a complex attack. >> reporter: ambassador stanley staunchly attacked ambassador susan wright insisting it was a demonstration prompted by a youtube
was way out front on this issue. the u.s. government didn't give women the right to vote for another half-century. with "flag facts," i'm alexa. >> some people are hard workers. some are not. new research might explain one reason why. it depends on what you focus on. hard workers concentrate on the goal, but people who shirk their work tend to zero in on all the effort it is going to take to get the task done. so here's the secret to success -- always keep your eyes on the prize. >> a lot of us would like to help make the world a better place. you can get involved with existing service projects, or you can start one of your own. brandon has the story of two teens who did just that. >> is it all right if i play this piece? [ cheers and applause ] all right. >> jourdan urbach reaches out with music. he brings his talent as a violinist to children in hospitals. [ mid-tempo music plays ] [ crowd cheering ] neha gupta reaches out with books. at 16, she has already spent several years helping orphaned children in india. jourdan and neha are recent winners of the world of children youth award. t
does not have the political will to do this, i'm saying local governments, like montgomery county, has to be able to move forward on their own. >> roger wants the state to give county lawmakers the authority to raise g taxes. the county would retain 100% of the revenue. with funding going toward road improvement projects and public transportation like the purple line and the corridor city's transit way, a proposed rapid bus line between shady grove and clarksburg. >> many communities don't share the priorities. they don't have the transit needs we have. they have needs for major funding. >> the league says she is concerned the plan could set a dangerous precedent. >> don't we and montgomery county pay taxes that benefit the people in garrett county and prince georges county and so forth? for every dollar we sent to annapolis, we get 18 cents back. are we now going to say in addition to that? tax the citizens of montgomery county for transportation? no. i don't think so. >> the state already has a 23.5-cent per gallon gas tax included in the price we see at the pump. how much of a
, a government takeover of health care, it is not working. millions of americans are struggling to work and 15% are in poverty. this is not what a real recovery looks like. you deserve better. we want to earn your support. we are offering real reforms for every american. mitt romney, his experience, ideas, and solutions are uniquely qualified to get this job done. at a time we have a jobs crisis, wouldn't it be nice to have a jobs creator in the white house? a stagnant economy that promotes more government dependency, or a dynamic that promotes opportunity and jobs. mitt romney and i will not duck the tough issues are blame others for the next four years. we will take responsibility and we will not try to replace our founding principles. we will reapply our founding principles. the choice is clear, and the choice rests with you. >> thank you both again. this concludes the vice- presidential debate. please tune in next tuesday for the second presidential debate in new york. i'm martha rattis of abc news. i hope all of you go to the polls. have a good evening. [applause] >> what do you think? an
to the government yesterday asking specifically to rehaven't the cuts to military and defense spending. those cuts are built into the across-the-board spending reductions that will be triggered if congress doesn't pass a budget by the end of the year. the governor said virginia would lose more than $32 billion in product and labor income if the cuts go through. >>> leon panetta said the u.s. sent troops to the border of syria and libya for possible cross-cultural violence. the u.s. has been working with jordan to monitor chemical and biological weapon's sites in syria and to have them deal with refugees pouring over the border from syria. the u.s. will, the u.s. presence will establish a headquarters and beef up jordan's military capabilities should violence erupt on the border. >>> fireworks at a hearing on capitol hill today. trying to defend the obama administration's handling of the terrorist attack on the american consulate in libya. the attack killed a u.s. embass door and three other americans. tom fitzgerald is following this. this is a political battle. >> reporter: it really has and show
the left, some of us went right. the title i examined what i learned in chicago, smaller government, lower taxes, and looking at competition and competitiveness and capital and technology formulations and particularly since i'm a technologies, it made sense. >> you've had affiliations with many, many schools over a long period of time. i want to focus on this hillary clinton thing, if i can for a moment. because you make it clear that as you say, when that ticket wasn't united, when obama did not select clinton to be his running mate, that really kind of did it for you. would it be fair to say that was the final straw, if you want to put it that way? >> yeah. i was looking at how we were going to test the value of diversity in the white house. that was a unique opportunity. when you look at the tenets of the democratic party and minorities and women, i thought that was a perfect opportunity. when we couldn't come together on that, i was confused. >> why wasn't the fact that you had barack obama, the first african-american nominee of a major party for president, why didn't that take precede
. >>> counterfeit air bags that could put you at major risk behind the wheel. the federal government is out with new dramatic video that serves to warn drivers of a deadly danger, one that may have you checking out your vehicle. fox's lauren green reports. >> reporter: the national highway traffic safety administration has become aware of an issue with counterfeit air bag being used in vehicles. >> reporter: motorists who have had their air bags replaced over the past three years by a repair shop other than a new car deepership may be at risk. officials say there is a large variety of makes and models of vehicles for which counterfeit air bags are known to be able. exparts warn the fake bags look nearly identical to the original. no matter how they may look, the problem lies in how they work or rather how he don't work. >> they aren't going to save you in an accident. they are a fraud and dang ferreira start to finish. >> reporter: mechanics say drivers should be certain their air bag is fully functional before they get behind the wheel. >> i think it is a difference of a trip to the hospital or dea
, members of congress. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or geico...as most of you know it. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newcaster: breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>> a lot ahead tonight, brian bolter now with your news edge. >> the vice president goes head to head with the man who wants to force him out of office and both candidates came ready for a fight, the debate turned fiesty at times, candidates interrupting each other laughing, eye rolling and under it all they tried to sell the american people on their positions on everything from afghanistan to abortion. fox 5's tom fitzgerald joins us now. this seemed to be a sharp contrast to president obama's performance in the first debate. >> it sure was, brian. everything that president obama was not last week was on dis
again on government. >> i've had it up to here about the 47%. it's time they took responsibility. >> i think the vice president knows sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way sometimes. >> reporter: president obama made anen unusual late night statement as he returned to the white house after campaigning in florida. >> i thought joe biden did great, and i couldn't be prouder. >> the white house is trying to play this up, even releasing a photograph of the president watching the debate last night on air force one. he and mitt romney, meantime, are preparing for their next debate on tuesday, one of the final two between the president and governor romney. that's the latest on the debate. allison, back to you. >> sherri ly, thank you. >>> the debate moderator martha raddic is getting praise and criticism for her role. the senior foreign affairs correspondent for abc news took a forceful approach to moderating the debate. she's winning reviews on social media for trying to keep the candidates to specifics. she's also getting complaints from republicans. >>> thank you,
members. >> it's story about two governments that work together to save lives. it is a thrilling story. it is a nail biter. it is a comedy. the essence of it is it is true. >> brian cranston was thrilled to be part of this. >> it's victory and in an institution that has been maligned often and they do great work. this is -- there is cause for celebration in this. >> reporter: the real tony men mendez was at the premiere. >> the ci. a decided to celebrate their 50th anniversary. they wanted me to give away the secret so i did reluctantly. but it is working out. >> reporter: it is more than just working out of there is plenty of oscar buzz about argo already for affleck as both actor and director. he isn't ready to pop the cork on the champagne just yet. >> does all the oscar buzz make you nervous before the film even premieres. >> i tell what you makes me nervous is i'm hungry. i have to get some popcorn before i fall over. >> reporter: argo hits theaters nationwide friday. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> love how he shut that interview down. >> i got to get some popcorn. >> kevin will be
. the government hasn't been caught. the police are offering a $25,000 reward in that case. >>> nearly two months after a violent beating to on capitol hill, a neighborhood is rallying together to support the victims. during a press conference, community leaders announced a fund raiser and festival to benefit the massland family. the festival will be held on sunday, october 21st and that will give people about crime and safety issues and raise money for the family trust. so far, more than $10,000 has been donated. >>> president obama's and mitt romney's debate is now in the record books. it's now a showdown between the running mates. tonight, joe biden and paul ryan will go head-to-head in the first debate. wisdom martin has this week's campaign u. >> reporter: we're here at campaign u, and we're talking about the polls and the big vice presidential debate tonight. professor, tell me about the polls. we have seen a dramatic change since the last time? >> you have national polls where mitt romney is ahead and that would have been unthinkable a few weeks ago and whether -- whoever you think won the
. >> in our civil society, the first amendment has the greatest protection. government needs to protect the speaker and for those who say they want to engage in violence, we'll arrest for you engaging in the violence. >> they should be allowed on free speech grounds but i also think it is incredibly irresponsible. >> it is kind after big thing to call somebody a savage -- of a big thing to call somebody a savage but this is america, freedom of speech. >> reporter: the american freedom defense initiative also won a court fight in new york to display the ads in the new york city subway system. the signs are also up on some san francisco city buses. metro's lawyers told the judge on thursday that it did have verifiable threats talking to the f.b.i. they said there were concerns of threats of violence for the ads did go up in d.c. today. again, just one ad in four stations here at u street on georgia avenue, glenmont and also the takoma stations. metro transit police say they are ready in case there are any protests. >> thank you. >>> an outbreak of a rare form of meningitislinged to a ste
, $3.60. john townsend, the manager of government&affairs joins us. it's always great to see you. thanks for coming in. >> great seeing you, shawn. >> reporter: the summer driving season is over. replaced and the price of crude is down. why aren't we seeing the prices drop in the northeast like the rest of the country? >> you summed it up nicely, shawn. one reason for this is the unfoe seen shortages in terms of the refineries are not at full capacity or haven't made the full transition to making the winter blends from the summer blends. >> oh,. >> and there is some glitches. you're seeing a spike in prices for both coasts and for seven weeks in a row, we have had prices increasing day over day over day and we have never seen anything like this this time of the year. the most expensive august on record. >> tell me about it. cost me $85 to fill up my truck and we're talking about the coasts seeing the problems and the refiners are along the coast line y. is it taking long for the lower prices to trickle out to us? >> well, one reason is the capacity problem and short supplies and
protection. the government needs to protect the speaker and for those who say they want to engage in violence, we'll arrest you for engaging in the violence. >> they should be allowed on free speech grounds, but i think it's irresponsible. >> it's kind of a big thing to call somebody a savage, but this is america. it's freedom of speech. >> reporter: again, we don't know what time those ads are going to be posted today. metro did say it was not going to appeal the ruling and would comply with the judge's order which specify they need to be up by 5:00 this evening. there are three other stations that will be displaying the ads, georgia avenue, glenmont and takoma stations. just one ad in each station. police say they'll be ready in case there are protests, but they don't expect any. >>> less than a week after the first presidential debate, president obama joked with supporters in california over the weekend, admitting he may not have been at his best in denver. the president took time to criticize mitt romney, going after what he claims is romney's plan for $5 trillion in tax cuts and cuts to
and to delay them was government censure hip of speech. >> you just heard -- censureship of speech. >> you just heard from the lawyers. what about the riders that have to ride metro every day. we stopped by the glenmont station. >> i'm upset that the court would approve something like that. >> it's a worry, but we are blessed with freedom of speech. >> reporter: are you worried? >> no. >> reporter: why? >> because i'm not worried, nothing to be worried about. >> metro will comply with the court order which said the ads have to be up no later than 5:00 monday evening. one ad will appear in each of the four metro stations we mentioned for one month. these are stations requested by the group paying for the ads. >>> burglars have been kicking in the doors of howard county homes during the day stealing whatever they could. tonight police announced two arrests in the case. the suspects face charges in four burglaries and are suspected in as many as 10 others. fox 5's audrey barnes has the latest. >> you can still see i haven't repainted it yet. >> reporter: rebecca hudson was at work when she got
, but over a decade, and i've had a very successful career. the organization is a federal government i.p. contractor, servicing both homeland security and the department of management and other agencies. and having great success stories, my mom said, you know, you gotta help the kids in the neighborhood, you know, you're latino, you gotta help the latino kids. and so i five years ago formed a nonprofit to foster the development of young latino kid in the inner city environments. and so i started this organization to foster the development in sports because i'm a former athlete. i was a gym newscast living in the get -- a gymnast, living in the getos of new york city which i think probably saved my life, the sports. i go overseas to show them another world, here's an opportunity, look at me. i came from nothing and you can do it too in terms of your focus and you're clear about where you're going, you can be very successful and i contracted viral meningitis. >> which is all in the news now, so we know how dangerous it is. but you sit here today a survivor, also overcame a brain aneurysm
will to do this, then i'm he saying local governments like montgomery county have to be able to move forward on their own. >> reporter: roger berliner wants the state to give county lawmaker the authority to raise das gas taxes. the county would retain 100% of the revenue with funding going toward road improvement projects and public transportation like the purple line and the corridor cities transit way arab proposed bus line between shade yes grove and clarksburg. >> many communities don't have the big transit needs we have. we have needs to major funding. >> reporter: joan fiddler says she is concerned we are hundreder's plan to set a dangerous precedent. >> don't we in montgomery county pay taxes that benefit the people in garrett county and allegheny county and prince george's county and so forth? for every dollar we send to annapolis, we get 18 cents back. are we now going to say in addition to that, we are going to tax the citizens of montgomery county for transportation? no, i don't think so. >> reporter: the state already has a 23.5 cents per gallon gas tax included in the price we
a former government official said u.s. authorities believe iranian hackers are responsible for recent cyber attacks against major oil and gas companies in saudi arabia and qatar. >> the shamoon virus was probably the most destructive attack that the private sector has seen to date. these attacks mark a significant escalation of the cyber threat. >> reporter: secretary panetta saying if the u.s. detects an imminent cyber attack that can cause significant destruction, the military could take action. >> the department has developed the capability to conduct effective operations to counter there.s to our national interests in cyberspace. -- threats to our national interests in cyberspace. we will only do so to defend our nation, to defend our interests, to defend our allies. >> reporter: the pentagon chief also urging lawmakers to pass cyber security legislation. >> without it we are and we will be vulnerable. congress must act and it must act now. >> reporter: secretary panetta says the pentagon is investing $3 billion a year in cyber security. at the pentagon jennifer griffin, fox news. >>
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